hi im looking for an upgrade to my geforce 8800gt.

pc speccs.

psu: corsair hx650w
ram: 4gb
OS:win 7
mobo: asrock n68c-s ucc

new graphics card will be used for: just playing world of warcraft

im thinking of getting a 5770 and does the 5770 use less power than the 8800gt and will my 650w psu run it
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  1. will run a 5770 fine no problem.What is your cpu btw?
  2. The 5770's were good cards, but they are getting a bit old. How about considering a newer card? perhaps a 6790 or a 6850?
  3. my cpu is an amd athlon 2 x3 450 rana
  4. im on a budget i dnt want to spend over £100 on a card and i heard 6 series are incredibly expensive
  5. so im looking for a 6770 isnt that just a 5770 tho
  6. so which is better gtx460 or hd6770
  7. ok i did a power consumption search and the 6770 comes to practically the same as the 8800gt i have so il be getting the 6770 :)
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