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Hi,this is a question regarding both GPU and CPU so put it here. I am looking at getting either a i7 or i5,i noticed that they come with onboard HD grapics. My question is,do these onboard graphics run along side your normal GPU or would you disable them in the bios. Sorry if its a dumb question,its been a long time since ive had a intel GPU.
Many thanks.
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  1. Do you mean you going to buy a system that has either an I7 or an I5 and the system has only on board graphics?
  2. no need to disable, when you put an external gpu they should disable automatically and installed a driver for your gpu.
  3. No,the system i am building will have a stand alone GPU but while having a look at some CPU`S i have found a i5 that no longer has the onboard graphics so i think i will end up getting that one.
    I do have another question tho,the Memory Controller on the CPU is Dual channel DDR3 800/1066/1333/1600 MHz,so does this mean(and this is going to sound like a right noob question) that say if i was to buy ram at Dual Channel 1866MHz it would only go as high as 1600MHz.
  4. I'm not sure if it would even go that high...depends on the RAM. But you wouldn't get your 1866 MHz, though.

    Bear in mind that onboard graphics doesn't work with the P67 motherboard series.
  5. you can use the onboard graphics as well as a discrete gpu if the motherboard supports it

    using software called virtu--this is meant to speed up video conversion

    no the 1866mhz ram wouldnt only go as high as 1600mhz

    officially up to 1600mhz is supported but speeds over 2000mhz can run depending on the motherboard but its

    classed as overclocking the ram

    but ram over 1600mhz is much more expensive and you wont really notice the difference anyway in real life

    use--though you would see a higher benchmark score
  6. Thanks very much for your input guys,its very much appriciated,i can build a pc but my knowledge of numbers regarding pc parts and what works better with what is quite limited,Thanks again for your help.
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