Discrete GPU equal to the A8-3850

Does anyone know which AMD GPU would be an exact equal of the HD 6550 found on the new A8-3850 Llano APU?

It seems AMD does not make a desktop HD 6550. They do have a mobile HD 6550M but I need a desktop card.

Seems the closest models I can find are the HD 6450 or the HD 6570.

Any other thoughts?
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  1. I believe the 6570 is the closest discrete equivalent on the desktop to the top Llano APU. It would help to know your resolution, use for the card, power supply and budget for recommending a card. Do you only need something that matches Llano, or could you benefit from more GPU horsepower?
  2. Actually, the HD6670 seems to be the GPU of choice with the A8-3850.
  3. I am looking for a discrete GPU that has the closest specs to the onboard HD 6550. It needs to be as close to a perfect match as possible. I think it may be the HD 6570. Maybe I can down clock it to match speeds with the HD 6550.
  4. I too have a A8-3850. The manual indicates that the HD6670 is the one to use and will be the one I buy. Several others also make reference to this on Newegg's user feedback for HD6670 GPUs. Up to you, but that is my recommendation. Go for the 1GB model with DDR3 for better matching.
  5. Yes, If I want to get the maximum possible performance (theoretically) out of the dual-graphics, then indeed the HD 6670 is the card to use.

    However, it is much more powerful than the integrated HD 6550 and therefore not its equal.

    I am seeking a card that is the equal to the integrated HD 6550, not the card that will give me the best overall performance.
  6. Understood, I was only passing the info presented in my manual and from the research I conducted scanning reviews on newegg. Good luck!
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