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GTX460 problems

I am having problems with my evga gtx460oc.
when playing most newer games it is overheating (around 100 degrees Celsius)
It then freezes, the screen goes black. I have to restart the computer for it to stop.
If I press the restart button I get the beep code 1 long 3 short which means there is a seating problem or bad video memory..
However if I hold down the power button then turn it on again I get the windows box saying I had a bluescreen BCCode 116.
Also I have a house fan directed straight at the video card which doesn't seem to make a difference
Does my video card need to be RMA'd?
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  1. check to see if tsomething is wrong with the fan on the videocard, that's the only way I would see you getting such extreme overheating problems., and it happened to me exactly the same way, a loose piece of plastic got stuck in my old gts 450, stopping the fan from spinning.
  2. The fan appears to be going
    Also I just ran FurMark and it lasted for ~5sec...
    and I can run older games like bf2 fine
  3. Can you manually increase the fan speed, maybe with a program like msi afterburner.
  4. I am using afterburner and have made the fan speed increase rapidly but does not seem to make a difference to temperature. Is there any other reason why a card would run over 100 degrees? or should I just RMA through evga?
  5. Update: the screen is now losing signal on the desktop/light computing graphics card doesn't seem to be under load. Only way to fix this is to hold down power button and restart. Get the same message upon start up that a blue screen has occurred bccode 116....whats going on??
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    RMA ?
  7. Unfortunately that seems to be the case and I have started the RMA process with EVGA. Thanks for your help
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