MB, CPU or RAM???


I have a computer (AMD Phenom II, ASUS MB) that's been running fine for over a year.

Then after installing some fans, it stopped booting properly. even tried a clean install on a fresh drive, and I would get all kinds of different issues.

Sometimes it wouldn't load from the install, sometimes it would go through the process and quit halfway through, occasional random blue screens, and eventually, I got it loaded.

Then as soon as I tried to install the motherboard drivers, the whole thing would stop working again and I had to start over.

I seemed to have better luck with just one stick of RAM, but even then it didn't solve it.

Also, The CPU would start to overheat at times when loading the BIOS.

I'm getting a Post beep on startup. and no others.

I've been screwing with it for almost a week and I'm near the end of my rope.

I'm leaning toward the MB, as it crashes when I try to install the MB drivers.
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  1. is your cpu fan plugged in?
  2. Yes, all fans are working properly. The CPU has never been removed either.

    One other thing, I occationally get an "Overclocking failed" on boot, and I don't even have it enabled.
  3. What motherboard, graphics card, memory, power supply are you using?
  4. Well, I took a chance this weekend and replaced the mother board and ended up needing a new power supply as well. Seems to be working fine now, except it doesn't line the Win 7 updates. but I think that may be more of a software issue, rather than a hardware one.
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