ASUS p5n-e-sli and the ATi and the 5670 Radeon

Hello I'm trying to get help with my newly bought video card working on my ASUS P5N-E-SLI motherboard. I cannot find the Bios update so a link would help to see if it works out. Thanks for any help!
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    In the download tab if you enter your OS then you will see the bios updates.
  2. i own that motherboard, for a start, it should work without the BIOS update, it just takes a long time to post. There are other problems with this board. If your getting beeps and no display there is another issue, the SLI selector. First update the BIOS. Now you need to remove the SLI selector then install your GPU. now boot into windows and load drivers. Turn it off now and re-install the sli selector. I had to re-seat the SLI selector a couple times to get the proper PCIE speed, these things are very touchy. This has worked for me and others when installing some AMD/ATI cards. I made a thread about it but noone uses the search function and still keeps asking the question.
  3. Both responses were helpful and I was able to get it running although i'm not sure if it is running at its full potential...I might try to do the selector procedure just to make sure thanks guys.
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