Can you plug a PCI 2.0X16 vid card into a 2.0X8 motherboard slot?

My motherboard has 1 PCIE 2.0X16 slot and 2 PCIE 2.0X8 slots. Here's the link to it

I want to install 2 video cards in SLI, but they are PCIE 2.0X16 according to thier specs. Can I plug them into my PCIE 2.0X8 slots on my motherboard? Here's the vid card I want to to run in SLI:

Thanks for your input in advance.
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  1. Yes, the slots are physically the same, just half the bandwidth. It will work.
  2. I also agree with benski. Another thing is the PCIE2.0 16x and 8x is very fast on its own so you most likely won't even notice a lower framerate than you'd get on two x16 slots. If you want more data to compare try looking up the max bandwidth of 8 and 16 and then compare it to what each card says it puts out.
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