NAT type randomly alternating between "open" and "strict"

Hi there, not sure this is the right place to post, but I need some help regarding my "NAT" type while playing Modern Warfare 2 (legit version) online

So I use wireless internet because I don't have access to a phone jack in this room; therefore I can't use a ethernet connection.

This is entirely random in nature and doesn't seem to be affected by anything I do (Disabling/Enabling firewall, forwarding the appropriate ports, creating a firewall exception and restarting modem/computer. It will be OPEN during a game, and then my wireless connection icon (signal bars) on the task tray will show a little yellow caution sign and then it will disconnect from the network, forcing me to open the list of available networks and reconnect. After this happens, my NAT will change to strict, and thus far I haven't been able to make it OPEN again. I'm at my wits ends here, nothing I do seems to have any effect at all on my NAT type.

I appreciate any help and thank you ;)
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  1. I'm not sure why your NAT conditions are changing once the wireless drops, it certainly doesn't make sense. But it seems to me the real problem here is the lack of reliability when it comes to wireless. Solve that problem and the NAT problem is probably moot.

    You might want to consider a wireless repeater, although this will certainly increase network latency (which is already an issue w/ wireless). Or perhaps consider powerline adapters. Due to a wide variation in home wiring, powerline doesn’t always work. But when it does, it’s usually more reliable and consistent than wireless. And while powerline might not deliver as much throughput as a good wireless setup, it should be sufficient for gaming purposes.
  2. I appreciate your help eibgrad, but short of having my family trip over a twenty metre long or so ethernet cable in the house, theres really not much option but to use wireless. :fou:
  3. Any help on this?
  4. When the NAT changes to strict, you say you can't get it open again. If you reboot the router and/or PC, do you get going again until the wireless drops again?

    What happens if you use a wired connection? I'm just wondering if connections, wired and wireless, are generally unreliable, or whether this is confined to wireless.

    Another idea. Try connecting your cable/dsl modem to a LAN port on the router (not the WAN). You’ll need to disable its DHCP server as well. This will give your PC the public IP and bypass NAT entirely (obviously your PC will be the only device that can use the Internet for now, but this is just an experiment). Now us the game and wait until the wireless drops again. See if the problem goes away or continues, then report back.

    Btw, how about some details regarding your cable/dsl modem, router, PC, etc. We have absolutely nothing here. Heck, for all we know there’s a known problem w/ these devices.
  5. Thanks for your time :)

    I have a Thompson TG585v7 modem and run windows 7 home premium on my computer. If it means that my computer is the only one able to use the net, that's fine. Restarting the modem doesn't help and neither does restarting the computer. Sometimes when I switch my firewall off it starts working again but then my signal drops and switching off the firewall no longer has thE desired effect. I will try the LAN solution however I won't be able to keep it like that long term.
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