G.SKILL great memory deal, but...

So I found some G.SKILL memory that I really want to get. Here it is. Pretty good deal too...


Only issue is I have an ASRock Z77 Extreme 4 motherboard. It is a "dual channel" motherboard. If I only buy 1 stick of memory for my dual channel mobo, will it work properly? Are there any benefits of simply buying 2 sticks of 8GB memory, at 1600 (opposed to 1866)?

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  1. A single stick will work fine in single channel. You get two identical sticks then you can run dual channel which is slightly faster.
  2. Would you suggest 2x4 @ 1600, or 1x8 @ 1866?
  3. I would go with the 2x4GB especially if this is for a gaming build. If it is for Editing /rendering then I would go with a single 8GB with plans of adding another identical later.
  4. Why is that? Is there a technical reason?
  5. Dual Channel is slightly faster and 8GB is plenty for a gaming rig. Editing/rendering will benefit from more ram and having 2 modules is better than 4 if you want to go to 16GB later.
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