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Issue with my CPU fan stuck at 100%

My motherboard is a Pegatron Violet Corporation, running bios American Megatrends 5.22

The CPU fan is a 3 pin connector and it sits on top of a AMD Athlon II X4 620 Propus

Just recently my fan somehow became stuck at 100% (Fan Speed 4672 RPM - copied from Speccy)

At first I didn't really fret about it until it started to become really annoying (how loud is constantly is.)
Don't get me wrong, I love a cool cpu but it's only at 32c, not something I'd be concerned about nor a reason to have a constant blast of air.

So please, help me out. I'm currently building a new PC and the CPU I ordered came with a CPU fan I won't be using because I ordered a aftermarket Hyper 212 Plus to replace it.

My last resort is to drop a 4pin connector CPU fan I won't be using to replace the CPU Fan that's stuck at 100% on a 3pin connector and see if that'll work.

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  1. The 4th pin on the 4 pin CPU fan connector is responsible for the motherboard controlling CPU fan speed. If the fan only has a 3 pin connector, it will run at maximum speed constantly, there is no way to control the speed without that 4th pin. If the noise is that much of an issue, your only option is to replace the cooler, or just the fan if it is detachable.
  2. Let me add a bit more information, I've had this computer for almost 2-3 years now.

    The fan ran perfectly, cooing like a baby. Then just randomly, out of nowhere this issue arises.

    Now in my old fan, did the 3pin connector also control the speed of the fan? And if not, then why was it always running at a slow rpm, similar to a Smart fan controller.

    Could it be possibly that a bit of circuitry is fried? And that part specifically is related to the CPU controller.

    Also the BIOS is a 100% locked down BIOS, you cannot adjust anything in there aside from the time, boot preferences, very standard stuff.
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    If you only have a 3 pin connector, there shouldn't be any fan control for the CPU fan, not unless you somehow rigged it to a fan controller with some sort of adapter, or your particular motherboard has some way to control the fan without that 4th pin.

    Another possibility is a mechanical problem with the fan, it may have been running fast the whole time (software monitors aren't always accurate with fan speed, I have a 3 pin CPU fan and HWMonitor's reading of the CPU fan speed fluctuates wildly despite the fan speed not changing), but it was quiet until now. Could be that it's clogged with dust or one of the bearings is going.
  4. Thanks for the reply, ill definitely pull it out and inspect it a lot more closely, maybe drop in the 4pin connector fan and see if anything is different. You win the best answer.
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