Motherboard is frying Video Cards

I am having a problem with my computer that was built 3-4 years ago.

First Problem: After reinstalling a heatsink the computer would continuously reboot (the problems started immediately after I replaced it, I'd like to think I was careful--I didn't flail my hards around in excitement,but I do have large hands). No signal was sent to monitor in the 5 seconds it was on, there was no beep.
I pushed some cables in and now it beeps when it restarts. For about 5 minutes I was able to log into windows 7, load coretemp and run prime95. CPU temp did not exceed 65C (I replaced the heatsink because I discovered my temps were way too high, it would reach 100C when it ran at 100% for 5+ minutes.) It then gave me BSOD.

Second Problem: It now turns on and everything, but the video is green crazy *** (think matrix) and cuts in and out. btw, whenever the computer restarts a red led lights up in the video card. If I have a second dvi cable it doesn't restart all the time.

Whats wrong, what do I need to replace? If it's my motherboard I won't be happy, cause I'm going to study abroad next semester and need the money.

I don't have the funds to just buy new stuff hoping thats what the problem is ....

Thank you for your time, I'll be keeping an eye on this thread constantly for a while.

Borrowed a buddies Video card and now it works, the video card just failed. Off to buy the gtx 560 (ti?)

Well, now the restart button doesn't work, it doesn't post, nor does it send any dvi signal to the monitor (doesn't wake up). I'm going to leave it alone so it doesn't *** over his video card. Am I right in thinking this motherboard is serial killing video cards?
Also, having a fast desktop is pretty important to me, I'm a student studying 3d modeling, compositing, etc at Uni . BUT, I will be leaving in two months to study abroad for five, should I wait it out and do it when I get back or do it now (is anything amazing coming out? I'm trying to see my options).
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  1. Quote:
    Borrowed a buddies Video card and now it works, the video card just failed. Off to buy the gtx 560 (ti?)

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  2. Bump for having problems stacking on top of each other...
  3. Anybody? Do I need to give more info?

    Latest development: I can boot into windows 7 for a bit and then I get a BSOD, the computer tries to restart but doesn't get to post. Restart button doesn't do anything (though it works every other time), have to hold down power and I hear a high pitch noise like a capacitor draining--I can turn it back on and then the process repeats itself.
  4. Well, first of all you need to be a little more like a student of design and get into the flowchart way of representing problems. From your post we really can't make head or tail of what you did when what happened.... get me?
    List the Specs of the entire machine, including make model of PSU, wattage, make model of GPUs used till date with what sort of reactions after how much time, the Mobo, the CPU, the Case, and the resolution.
    Temps that you got before the old HSF was replaced under what conditions, what did you replace the HSF with and what were the resulting temps under what conditions.
    Buddies GPU..... what model ? and how do you know it's fried? reasons that made you reach that conclusion?
    You can't buy a new mobo 'cos you need to save to go and study elsewhere, how in the world will you get a 560Ti if it got friend... Ouch... that too for a friend.... that hurts....
  5. My apologies, I have been going quite crazy over this.

    Specs (built in 2008): Phenom II x4 920, Gigabyte MA-770-ud3, 4x2gb DDR2 800 ram, Sapphire HD4830, PC Silencer 500 or 550w PSU.

    Timeline of problems:
    1 week ago, I checked my CPU temp for the first time in a while and noticed it would peak at 105C. I cleaned heatsink off because there was a layer of dust and the temps dropped to a peak of 69. Fan sounded like it was failing and was making squeeking noises.

    Last night: I ordered a replacement 'stock' phenom cooler. Applied thermal paste very lightly, and put it on. Computer would not post or send display to monitor, it would reboot every 4 seconds (fans would slow, led light on video card would flash on then off). I pushed in random plugs thinking something got jostled. After 4 more tries it boot up fine. Prime95 test did not find any errors for 10 minutes and temp stayed around 65. Computer unexpectedly shut down. I turn it back on and the same looping problem from above occurs. I unplug the second monitor spot and it boots, but the screen is completely fragmented with green lines flashing and stuff.

    Last night plus some: My buddy comes over and lets me borrow his 768mb 8800gtx. We plug it in and everything works great. 15 minutes pass and the computer again shuts down. I turn it back on, again no post and and no display sent to monitor (it doesn't get woken up). pushing restart button does nothing, I have to hold down the power button. When it shuts down a high pitched whine is emitted for 2 seconds (like a cap being drained). I start to pull my hair out.

    Around midnight: I push some random plugs in, everything is in and snug but what the hell else am I gonna do. I turn it back on and it load windows 7. I wait 2 minutes and am greeted with a BSOD, it closes before I look at it. it tries to restart but it cant get to post and again, no display sent to monitor. I turn it on again, it loads, it crashes, I took a pic of the BSOD (attached) I say *** it for the night and go to sleep.

    This morning: I turn it back on, but now it sounds like the GPU fan runs at 100%, and no post or display. Nothing. I am afraid to turn it on fearing his video card might get screwed.
  6. One more fact, back when I initially cleaned everything out two days ago, when I pulled the heatsink off it took the cpu with it (with the cpu arm still locked down?) because the oem thermal paste melted and acted like a glue (it was bitch to get off, the stuff oozed everywhere). Now I remember that I can just pop in the cpu even if the arm is down, it doesn't do anything. Bent pins or something? Doesn't explain the video card though?
  7. The BSOD looks like it was caused by a memory problem.
  8. OK, now we're going to need to go thru the entire rig for mess ups.
    I need you to get the CPU out of it's socket and check for broken pins..... PLS lift the CPU release arm when you get it out, even if it slides out without the need , you must do that arm lifting, that is after all the heart and the brain of the rig, you end up damaging the Skull it's going to hurt it's head like hell, and then ours too. :)

    And the right way to go about removing a CPU is actually first switching on the rig so the TIM melts a little and gets gooey , then switch it of and give the HFS a quick twist slowly with little force to see that the TIM has loosened, and then twist & turn the HSF a little bu little till it just comes off.
    Then release the CPU Socket Arm to free the CPU and remove it.
    Check very carefully for bent or broken pins. If you find that a pain, post a pic here, we'll tell you.
  9. I took all the ram out, put it back in one by one testing each, put the original heat sink on (glued a different fan on it), and now everything is working. I stessed it for about 4 hours with 0 errors, so whatever it was is gone lol.
    Thanks for the help everyone.
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