Scaling problem nvidia GEforce 9500 GT

i have problem with scaling in options Nvidia G-Force 9500 GT >>>>!!!!

when i get into a game the resolution of my LCD screen (1440 / 900) didn't switch scaling to the resolution of the game like (1024 / 768 ) why is that happened ???!!!! ( Nvidia G-Force 9500 GT 2008 ) :??: :??: :??:
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    What game specifically?
    Do you have the latest drivers installed?
    Does it do it only on this specific game?
  2. some games dont support widescreen resolutions, but there are ways to get it to work. read this
  3. thanks..i fixed it with installing the latest update for drive..but i noticed that it was working good without any update drive on win xp >> the problem was in win7 > BTW the resolution was not working in all games >> thanks a lot <)
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