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Hi all, just got a new Xonar DG and the way I have it setup is 2.1 speakers hooked up to the actual card with my headphones plugged into the front panel. I keep the speakers configured as stereo and set the headphones to Dolby simulated 5.1.

Question is do I have to adjust Windows sound settings as well whenever I switch audio sources (ie: set to 5.1 in Windows control panel) or does the Xonar configure the sound output independent of what Windows is set to?

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  1. xonar dg uses a synthetic 5.1 so no leaving windows set to 2.1 speaker set up is the answer. I would check with Asus to be sure.
  2. 1: When using Dolby Headphone, you should set the number of audio channels to either 6 or 8, and not stereo.

    2: Changing the Audio Channel value in the ASUS control panel also switches it within windows.
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