M5A97 Bios Chip Removal

Hi, I ordered a new BIOS chip and I need help removing the old one. Is there an easy way to remove it from its socket? It looks like this. A video would be helpful.
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    Before removing it pay attention at the chip's position so that you insert the new one the same way.
  2. Are there any retail stores that have the tool that he used, or home alternatives?
  3. I got the chip out. The new one won't align perfectly with the socket; the pins are a tiny bit too wide. Am I supposed to squeeze it?
  4. Yes, but gently.
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  6. Computer booted up and works! Thank you! I have another question; my dad accidentally threw out my CMOS battery. What happens without it?
  7. If disconnecting the power cord or turning off the PSU, the CMOS will automatically reset/forget the settings when next booting.
    You can buy one (it's cheap) and install it.
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