What does it mean that a "PCI-Express 3.0 X16 Slot runs at X8"?

Thinking about buying the ASrock Extreme4 for my computer. However, under slots on the amazon page it says
"2X PCI-Express 3.0 X16 Slots (runs at X8)"

What does this mean? I don't want to buy with knowing what I'm buying.

PS here's the page for full context.
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  1. It mean the slot are full length (i.e. video cards) but run at half that, because it's sharing bandwidth ("lanes") with other slots/devices. Pretty common.
  2. How do they run at half length?
  3. It probably meant 8x/8x dual mode, the pcie 3.0 slot single is at 16x, single at x16 (PCIE2) / x8 (PCIE3)
  4. Sorry, meant it's running at the speed as if it was half that length.
  5. So how much of an effect will that have on the video card's performance?
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    Next to none. Until you get down into PCIe 1 or PCIev2 x4 you aren't going to see any drops.
    Here's a link that shows the effects,
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  8. Gpu set up look like this. 1x gpu=x16; 2x gpu=x16+x16=(x32); 3x gpu=x16+x8+x8=(x32); 4x gpu=x16+x8+x4+x4=(x32). so 2xgpu=4xgpu. So insert the gpu in x16 slots.
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