I5-2500, i5-2300 Benchmarks

Does anyone know of a website that displays benchmarks for the Intel i5-2500 and i5-2300 in video game tests?
Tomshardware only seems to supply those for L4D with medium settings with both surpassing 200fps. doesn't give me units so as far as I can tell, these benchmarks are only for adobe or something.

Even though it's obvious the 2500's better (by 20fps in Tom's tests), if both show fps' of >60 in BF3 at ultra settings, I won't actually notice a difference, will I? Gaming is the only use my computer will have.

I was pursuing the 2500 because it's flat out better for only $10 more. Newegg has the 2300 on sale for Valentine's day, though.
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  1. If no overclocking is involved, needs an I5 2500K, the performance difference is in the clock speed but with the same GPU (which is a more influential) there is little gain since the I5 2300 can keep well up with the cards.
  2. okay, I found a chart I was looking for:

    The biggest difference seems to be 10fps on Metro. My screen will be running at 1900x instead of 1680x so I guess the disparity between 2300 and 2500 may be bigger.

    I guess I'll just have to flip a coin; go for the 2300 and save $25 or just get the overall superior 2500.
  3. google it lolll!!!!
  4. $25 for 2.8ghz (3.1ghz turbo) -> 3.3ghz (3.7ghz turbo).... for sure it's worth it. Go with the 2500...
    another $20 for 3.3ghz to greater than 4.3ghz (at the very least) with a 2500k overclocked... now that's where the best value lies in my opinion.
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    Yep at that price difference go for the 2500 but if you really want performance the 2500K to get overclocking capabilities with a Z68 or P67 motherboard.
  6. Just get a i5 2500k and save your self the headache as well provide some overclocking potential later on down the road.
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