Can't get the computer to find my TV with HDMI

hello. Me and my boyfriend just bought a Samsung TV and he got us a HDMIcable to connect the TV to the computer.
It was working fine until he went away and I redecorated in the living room. I turned off the computer and moved it, and then plugged the HDMI cable back into the computer, but now I can't get the computer to find the TV. He has installed the NVIDIA control panel, and tells me to check the "set up multiple displays"part. But I can't find the TVdisplay anywhere, and nothing happens when I click on the "My display is now shown"link. He doesn't know what the problem is and neither do I. I've tried to restart the computer and the TV but still nothing, so I thought I'd ask and see if I might get any help here.

Is it possible that when I turned off the computer (by simply plugging it out of the wall, woops) that maybe some driver routines or something gor screwed up? The TV is totally black when I look at the "hdmI/DVI"source.

I hope that you can understand what my problem is, and that you can help me. Thanks!
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  1. Is this a laptop of desktop computer? If it's a desktop, try shutting down your system, disconnecting the monitor and only have the Samsung TV connected via the HDMI cable. Restart your computer and see if you get a display on the Samsung TV.

    -Wolf sends
  2. Have you checked to see if the hdmi cable is still plugged into the tv?
  3. "Have you checked to see if the hdmi cable is still plugged into the tv?"
    My hero :D.

    Ok now seriously:
    First, check the options of the Samsung tv : probably it ahs more than 1 HDMI connector, so you have to connect it to the HDMI, then select in the tvs settings that HDMI as the one to be displayed on the tv.
    Second turn on the computer, forget the nVidia panele at first. On desktop, press left mous button and choose the desktop properties (dont know exact name, depends on your windows version).

    There should be a screen where you can change resolution and a few more things.
    There you want to press "detect", "identify" something like that.

    Then you "should" have the option to chose the Samsung TV as your display (either main display, expanded or cloned display).

    The number on the display is if its the main one or not (1= main, rest= secondary).

    If this fails, look for the same sort of options on the nvidia panel.

    Good luck.
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