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I'll just keep it short and sweet so you guys can just get in and get out, if you are willing to help of course.

I'm looking for a new motherboard, around the $100 mark. Needs overclocking capabilities, i7/i5/i3 compatability, SLI capable, and in the mATX form factor. Does not need to have USB3.0, but it wouldn't hurt either.

I am open to all suggestions, but so far I have narrowed down my search to this MSI:

What do you guys think?
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    Looks like it's just what your looking for so go ahead.
  2. Yeah, I guess this thread was pretty unnecessary :P

    Maybe I just wanted some input on the one I selected lol.

    Thanks though!
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  4. Well you cannot do any better on $100 so it was your best option.Your welcome!
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