Nothing on my motherboard seems to fit right!

Mobo is Asus P8Z77-V Deluxe and case is Cooler Master HAF X

Two issues I have so far:

First one, I am not sure if this is the fault of the stock Intel cooler (and the fact that one of the corners of the plastic pins actually didn't go in and all attempts to do so ended in failure) or a bad motherboard, but it dosen't fit flush with the standoffs in my case, the bottom-left corner seems to be raised about 1cm, but all the holes align perfectly with the standoffs:


However, looking at that picture, its kinda weird how it seems to curve at exactly where the cooler is (badly) plugged in. The cooler not fitting in isn't really to big a concern as its only temporary to install windows then install the 3rd party cooler (long story), but I don't know if the motherboard itself was shipped warped or the cooler bent it. Considering I bought it online and its almost Christmas, it would take forever to RMA it, especially if its a non-issue with the crappy cooler stretching it. (People's opinions about whether the stock cooler can bend the motherboard (especially since it has no backplate) seemed to be mixed on if it could or could not).

Second..... is with the I/O Shield Backplate.... thing... that comes with the motherboard to put in the case. Its made up of the typical aluminum cover... and then seems to have a soft black plastic cover over that for appearance. However.... the plastic part almost seems to be bulging, as if it is going to push anything you plug in out of their plugs:

The appearance of that drives me crazy... but if you look closely under the plastic, instead of being separated from the metal part (which DOES lie flat) it seems to actually be pushed out by some kinda sponge. I don't know if it just had sponge under it but is still bent, or if that's for some reason normal since its pushed out in the middle but flat along the edges of the shield, and it actually surprisingly gives way to anything I plug into it... granted, I haven't tried every port.

(Geez, I was already nervous about some of the crazier stuff I was going to do, now, I have lost all confidence if such simple things that I never expected to go wrong are giving me so much trouble.)
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  1. Slightly warped (common) but will go straight in the case, only worrying part is the cooler pins. suggest realigning it all pins should fit.
    Just remove the plastic of the back and it will not be a hindrance.
  2. The stock cooler is only temporary, I only needed it long enough to cool the CPU while installing the OS and chipset drivers. The compound I plan to use on the 3rd party cooler requires me to run some apps in windows in order to get it to install right, hence why I used the stock cooler first.
  3. Applications to run the cooler? Install it and the motherboard runs it normally!
  4. It requires me to run Prime95 to re-flow the material and speedfan to monitor the temps to know when it has been successful. Thats why I didn't want to put it on until after I had windows installed.
  5. It is just to run the CPU to heat to settle the paste faster which prime is good at, most people never run prime.
  6. Oh Comon!

    At the advice of many I replaced the motherboard for an RMA.... the new one HAS EXACTLY THE SAME ISSUE! In that one corner, and only one corner, is warped up about 1CM. In fact, I think this one might be slightly higher.

    Can anyone here with a P8Z77-V Deluxe tell me if this is normal? I couldn't have possibly gotten two motherboards warped in exactly the same way in a row could I? I don't want to just keep sending them back, the person at Amazon barely understood what I was talking about the first time.
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