Leaving computer overnight in cold car?

I have a pretty high-end desktop -- it has an i7, for instance -- but I just moved to a new city with all my stuff packed in a car, but no permanent apartment yet. Is it OK to leave my computer in the car? For reference, I am in Massachusetts and it's supposed to snow tomorrow with a temperature of about 30 degrees F. It's packed in my car real good and I am staying at the home of some very generous people and am trying not to create a huge mess, so my preference would be to leave it in the car, but if I'm ruining my computer, I can pull it out. It's locked in the trunk with some other boxes and rugs. Thanks!
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  1. It should be OK in there; however, when you get to your destination, do not turn it on until all the condensation has evaporated; that means leave it at room temperature without plugging it in for at least 24 hours.
  2. What's funny is I ask this question now and it has already sat in that car for two nights, although it was never predicted to snow like it is tomorrow. Still, it may be several days before I move into an apartment. For all I know, it could be another month. (God I hope not.) I was planning to let it sit for a while and settle back to room temperature before plugging it in and powering it up, but if many overnights is bad, let me know. I figure these parts probably sat in cold weather when they got shipped anyway, the only difference is now they're assembled. But I definitely don't want to ruin my $1000 desktop!
  3. If it's not snowing directly on it, it should be fine. Any little condensation there might be on the components will evaporate once put in a warm and dry environment. Don't forget, condensation is distilled water, so there is no salt residue left on the board after it evaporates. Also, distilled water does not conduct electricity, theoretically you could power it up at any time. To avoid surprises, though, leave it to warm up and dry up before plugging it in and powering up.
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