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A big thank you to the person who posted the link to pcguides excellent site about Raid array's, I have finally got around to having a look at it and its very good, I have a question about RAID, do all the hdd's have to be the same size, I imagine the answer is yes, but I'd like to know for sure

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  1. they don't have to always .. but I think that you are going to benefit better by two things.

    The similarity in drives' specs and size. Obviously in in a striped array the larger drive gets cut short. It would certainly decrease the performance of a better drive being striped with a older drive with less performance.

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  2. Abselutly correct. Running drives of two different sizes will work, the extra space on the bigger drive will be truncated, and they will transfer at the speed of the slower of the two drives. Also if you are using a Western Digital drive (I have no idea why any one would) you need to set the drive to single and not master like all other drives in existance.


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  3. Back in the good old days, Western Digital hdd's were great, Ive still got a 1.6G in a sys I have which is still humming away, But now they are not good at all, they used to make them in the US and now they are made I think in Taiwan, which could have something to do with it
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