Do I need more RAM?

Hey guys,

My PC specs are a i7 2600k, 8gb g.skill ripjaws X, gtx 560 DCU2 with 60gb M4 as boot and seagate barracuda 1tb for storage.

My question is whether I need more ram or not or if this is just a problem with the game. My ram usage went up to 7gb when playing Just Cause 2. Games like Bf3 get up to 6gb of usage. I am slightly worried about this problem.

When running the game, I had google chrome with 3 tabs open, facebook, youtube, battlelog. I also have asus ai suite, nvidia control panel and microsoft security essentials in the background. And obviously, just cause 2. Note that i also have a TRAINER running with the game. At windows desktop without game running, I use 2gb of ram.

But when i start the game and the trainer, ram usage was allright, but after playing the game for 15-30mins, ram usage spiked up to 7gb. When i close the game, usage dropped to 6.5gb. When I closed the trainer however, it went back to 2gb. Its kinda werid that the trainer takes up so much memmory. Do i need to get more ram or is it a game fault?

Trainer is "Just_Cause_2_V1.01_Plus_10_Trainer_By_KelSat"

Cheers guys
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    You don't need more RAM
    your trainer has a memory leak and is eating up memory
    Find a better Trainer or stop using it and you will have no problem
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  3. I run 50 tabs of chrome, MSE, CSS/BF/WOT/SC2/NTW without issue on 6gigs.
    8gigs is enough to multitask with and game
    4gig is enough for just playing a game with maybe AV
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