Gigabyte Nvidea bios flashed but now installed HD 6870

I have had a Gigabyte gtx 560 ti SOC and to get that running proparly i had to flash the bios with a program from gigabyte ( Gigabyte VGA@Bios ). Because of terrible tearing problems i had with it i bought a 6870 ( i thought it was the 560 though, the same is happening now with the 6870, Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. ) but do i have to manually get the bios flash undone or something. I tried the same bios flash program with the 6870 just to see what it would say about the current bios and it says now : "bios version unkown" no card detected.
I suppose it's allright then and i don't have to do anything to the bios anymore ?
Still i'm puzzeled because i used driver sweeper to remove the old nvidea drivers and rebooted after that and driversweeper again claimed to have found the same nvidea settings, cleaned them a third time and the same happend again, still nvidea. ( and AMD btw ) Is this beacuse of the bios or is DS just wrong ?
Is there a way to look at the bios to see if there is nvidea mentioned somewhere ? ( i have Win 7 64 )
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  1. is the page tearing happening in games or is it at the start and end of video files especially flash videos?
  2. Not really the question from this thread but if you can help with that problem it would also be great. ( very great ! )
    Playing games when i move fast around from one side to another on the map, but it has a lot to do with vsync i think, i have to switch it off otherwise it will really stutter and hang. When off it's better but still i can't get the picture running smooth, it still tears. No difference btw at lower settings. When i stay at one place or just move around a litlle bit the picture is better but still with some games it stutters a bit even when i don't move around. I had a previous thread about this problem but nobody really seems to know the answer, so i just have to live with that i'm afraid.
    In case you wanne know ; i7 870 2,9 ghz, 8G ram, mobo ami p01-a3, cm gx750, samsung syncmaster bx2250, 1920x1080 60hz, hdmi cable.
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