Lian Li and water cooling cases

Hey all

Im looking out for a really big case that's convineint for a good radiator.
I'm really liking the lina-li cases but they dont seem to have a specific one for water cooling (or it doesnt appear so)
I have read a few reviews on the case and installing radiators but they dont sound too confident about it.

Any help and suggestions would be greatly appreciated :D

Thanks all
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  1. Corsair Carbide Series 500R compatible with Hydro Series from Corsair , even the big H100 Liquid CPU Cooler fit in that case.
  2. as far as i know lian li (i guess is what you meant) are as good and bad as any major manufacturer. some cases will accept water cooling while others in the range have limited ability to. all there bigger cases should have plenty of rubber grommets and the likes as they are very good quality in the most part. so i think you will have little or no trouble finding 1 you want and fitting water cooling...
  3. either would work fine , the difference between lian li and some of the other companies is that lian li dosnt make specific rad loacations . The case quality is superb . You just need a little creativity and some design forethought and you can have a top quality build
  4. Indeed, i was going to mod my 1200 but it's really not a big case, the layout is a little awkward but with a lovely promotion i'm dying to get a quieter case.
    I was looking at the lian li cases but more at the 2120's or the x2000 versions. The only let down is that the 2120's are really bad for cable management if i was to put a window in, and when you have a raid of 6HDD's that you adore and dont want to let go at all! you can't take advantage of the front bays. So the next best think, 2 holes on the bottom of the case and put a 240 rad there, maybe even double stack them, but then that'll kill the silence :(
  5. I have the pc-a70f and in the design stage still and although there are no specific rad locations ( as I said ) theres room and possible locations all over . etc etc etc lian li full towers = modders dream . A blank canvass if you will . have fun with it
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