How much watt is needed for a gtx 560

i mean a 12v rail how much amp is needed..with a i5 2500 processor and a regular desktop mobo
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  1. if i'm not mistaken at least 24A on 12v rail (that 24A should account for the whole system).
  2. Thought 30 for the whole system ( around 13 for the gpu alone i believe ), but could be that's only when you wanne oc.
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    i got GTX460 (see sig) from asus and they recommend power supply with at least 24A on the 12v rail. so i think it is safe to use PSU with 24A on the 12v rail with GTX560 (i assume the OP have non Ti GTX560 since he does not mention the Ti moniker :P). having said that he still needs decent PSU to run GTX560. most decent 450-550w PSU that i know should at least have 30A on the 12v rail.
  4. I stand corrected ! :lol: If i would have seen your gpu earlier i wouldn't have made that statement probably. :whistle: I allready did think it was recommended for overclocking.
    Butttttt, if he ever wants to oc . . .it better be a good brand psu then to handle that.
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