I7 98 deg C overheat problem

my i7 2600k works about 39-44 deg C and when i start playing battlefield 3 is going to 98 Deg C
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  1. Check your heatsink and confirm that all four of the push pins are down and locked in place, intel coolers are notorious for having a push pin not locked in and causing high temperatures. If they are all locked in, make sure that the CPU fan is spinning when the system is on and that your fans and heatsinks are not filled up with dust.
  2. I built it one week ago..there is no dust..also the fan is spining well and alla the pins are lock...any chance that the thermal paste does not as much as possible on the fan from factory?i use the factory i7 fan!
  3. yes, check your thermal paste, get some rubbing alcohol and clean the heatsink and cooler and re-apply. good luck
  4. It could be a good idea to buy an aftermarket heatsink, I suggest the cooler master hyper 212+
  5. i fix it!! i rotate the fan because i put it upside down and problem fix!! i read somewhere that the i7 2600k stock cooler must be straight on...thanks for the help anyway!!!
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