Flickering black pixels moving around screen

I was playing World of Warcraft on high graphics settings last night and out of nowhere on my screen there were flickering and moving little black pixels at different points and seemed to be moving around. It looked like dead pixels but now my computer is working fine, is this my graphics card failing while playing a game or just some sort of display driver glitch? I hope it's not the former because I just bought this card a few months ago and all I have been doing is using MSI afterburner around 50% when playing high graphics games.

Graphics Card: Diamond Radeon HD 6870

If you need other specs let me know
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  1. This is the sign of a heat or power issue. What make/model of power supply are you using? Also, what are the specs of your system? Last, are you overclocking anything? Please clarify.
  2. It's a custom Build that I made

    Case is a CM 690 II

    Only extra fan i have is on the side panel facing at the video card as intake all the other fans are stock on the case

    Power supply is Cooler Master Extreme Power Plus 700W ATX Power Supply

    AMD Athlon Phenom 2 x4 processor

    8 gigs of ram DDR3 Ripjaw'

    Cooling for the CPU is a Cooler Master Hyper N520 Universal CPU Cooler

    Asus Crosshair IV Formula Mobo

    No I'm not overclocking and so far I'm only using 3 cores haven't unlocked the 3rd one

    I wasn't using MSI Afterburner but when I turned it on the card was only at about 56 degrees celsius
  3. Well, you can't have a x4 processor and only be using 3 cores, unless you specifically disabled one core. Are you running Catalyst 11.8?
  4. That I'm not sure when I check the dxdiag it says 3 cores but it is the AMD Phenom II x4 anyway I am using the Catalyst 11.8
  5. Check msconfig to make sure you don't have a core locked out for some reason. When you have a x4 CPU, there is no need to unlock the 4th core on a compatible motherboard.

    This should have no bearing on the pixelation you were seeing, but could be indicative of another problem elsewhere.

    How old is the PSU?
  6. Msconfig under advanced options shows 3 cores, also when I boot it says 3 cores activated.. and all of the parts for my computer are only a few months old (from when I first built the comp around june, except for the motherboard which was an open box one from microcenter)
  7. I suspect your mobo is the problem and is in the process of failing then. You can try to flash the BIOS on your mobo to the latest version, but I would start thinking about replacing the one you have.
  8. Just for shits and giggles why don't you try re-seating the card and try a different monitor cable.
  9. benski said:
    Just for shits and giggles why don't you try re-seating the card and try a different monitor cable.

    ....and reseating the CPU and HSF as well.
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    FoxEnigma said:
    btw this is a pic of what happens

    Yep. Classic pixelation. Usually the result of a heat or power problem. In your case, it could be an issue with the signal/data between the mobo and the GPU.
  11. I'll reply back in a while after I try reseatin the GPU, I'd rather not reseat the heatsink b/c it's a pain to do by myself otherwise I'll hand it over to Microcenter techs over there since this is my first attempt at building a computer lol
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  13. Reseated the GPU and still getting pixelation
  14. Should I try moving the GPU to another PCI-express slot?
  15. Sure, but that will only fix the GPU issue and not the core/CPU issue.
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