Going crazy trying to figure out the problem.

Hey guys, I've been having a tonne of trouble trying to figure out whats wrong with my system and hopign someone can help me figure out what I'm overlooking.

My system specs are in my sig, if you'd like a look.

Now the problems seem to have began recently when i started playing BF3, but its been a while since i played any new games, i think DE:HR was the last one, so could have cropped up any time since then.
When playing BF3 I was getting black screen crashes, but this was jsut before i upgraded my GPUs from my 2 6850s to a 560ti. Now after a switched to the 560ti i started getting blue screens forcing me to reboot, and occasional driver crashes while on desktop. I assumed the new gpu was defective, but reinstalled windows just to be sure. the problem persisted so I also tried removing my CPU overclock. no change.
figuring it has to be the GPU I've just bought a new one (i was gonna get a second for SLI anyway, so i bought a new one to use til the rma is completee and i can SLI). the new card arrived today, so i launched up skyrim and figured it would all be good. but I've had two driver crashes since i started playing.
I can't for the life of me figure out what's going on. I've reinstalled windows, removed CPU overclock, switched GPUs and im still having issues.

What the hell am i missing?

thanks all.
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  1. RAM voltage , timings and frequency?

    Try the RAM at 1333 MHz
  2. All at stock. I haven't touched the RAM.
  3. Let's isolate the problem.
    Try using 1 stick of ram. Let's see if it's not the memory.
  4. If trying to isolate the problem doesn't give you any results, you should try some parts in a friends PC. It could be a MOBO problem too, and this is very difficult to isolate.

    (Had problems with my P8P67 PRO, needed to send it RMA)
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