NVIDIA 280.26 Driver Not Responsive

Within the last couple of days whenever I go to play World of Warcraft I get the "Drivers are unresponsive.. but was recovered" message then I get a BSOD with nvlddmkm.sys as the cause.

I'm running on a Quad Core Intel Processor
My Nvidia is a GT 220 and I have 4G of ram.

I have a new GTX 560 coming today in the mail.. will this possibly fix the problem? I also downloaded and noticed that my card was running really hot.. around 63c -76c when playing WoW. I just want some insight as to why this might be happening and how I can fix it without getting a new computer entirely.
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  1. Well, a new GPU will certainly fix the trick. Also, that nvlddmkm.sys BSOD is a driver issue or a GPU failure altogether. When you go to install your new 560, use driversweeper to COMPLETELY remove all previous video drivers, install your new 560 and then install the latest drivers from Nvidia and you should be golden.
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