The best high end graphics card aka best bang for the buck!

I want to upgrade my 9600gso 512mb to a new and much stronger card. My max resolution is 1920x1080 and my monitor is a SyncMaster P2250

Here are my specs:
SyncMaster P2250
MSI 770-g45
4gb 1600mhz
9600gso 512mb
1tb harddrive
Rosewell Blackbone mid tower
2x 80mm fans
3x 120mm fans
1x 140mm fan
x3 740 @ 3.00mhz (unlocked to x4 40 still running at stock 3.00)
Diablotek DA Series 600-Watt ATX Power Supply
DVD RW drive

I am wondering which card I should go with:

460 gtx 1gb
HD 6850
HD 6870
470 gtx
560 ti
HD 5870 (getting a used(, but new) one for $180)
HD 6950

I would like your option on what the best choice for me to get.

My budget is around $210.

I want to play my games at the highest possible settings at 1920x1080.

Toughest game I will play on getting in the future is Crysis 2 multi-player.

Games I usually play is cod 4 (pro mod) and counter strike source.

I've seen a lot of benchmarks of the HD 5870 vs 6950 and they perform close to each other, so I'm confused on what to get. Also the other cards are what I can get for the same price and afford.

Forgot to mention I never plan to crossfire/sli and I am not going to use multi screens. I only want and need this single screen and a graphics card.
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    The strongest card in your list is the 560ti. The one I would recommend, based on my experiences and satisfaction is either the 6870 or the 6950. I admit I am an AMD/ATI fanboy. You really can't go wrong with these 3 video cards. Let your budget decide and have fun!
  2. If you can stretch your budget a little this card is the best you can get for your budget.

    XFX 6950 1GB $240=$210 after MIR + Free Shipping

    The 5870 is still a powerful card but if you have the option of getting a used 5870 or a new 6950 go for the 6950.It's a 2nd gen DX11 card so it's got lots of improvements.It also has way better crossfire scaling.
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