First Newegg Haul Opinions.

So I'm building a budget gaming PC, looking to spend around $650-$750. Not in a HUGE rush to build it, but would like to have it done within the next few weeks. I'm ONLY building the PC and would like to have my build set up for possibly overclocking to ~4-4.5 GHz in the future. I'm about to pull the trigger on the first haul of parts as I'm not wanting to buy everything at once (looking for deals), and would like to know what you guys think of it:

I bought this Lian Li K62 case as well a few weeks back when I got it on sale for $60:

Just wondering how everyone on here feels about my current haul (I'll more than likely purchase it all tomorrow or on the weekend unless someone finds something wrong with it), or if they'd have any other recommendations. With some research I've done, and what I've been suggested before, that motherboard is a killer price for it's capabilities.

With some of the promo codes I applied, I'm getting the Sniper RAM for $39.99, and the OCZ 500W PSU for $58.50 + $20 rebate. If I stay within my budget, I should still have ~$400 for the i5 2500k ($180), GPU, and HD, which isn't bad for a budget build such as mine.

Let me know what you think!

Thanks fellas!
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  1. That's OK, but Black Friday is 2 weeks away. Why not wait until then?
  2. +1 on Proximon.
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