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I have DSL service to my shop used for small business. The shop is about 30 yards from house. Because the shop is 2 x 6 construction, insulated and metal siding inside and out, wireless reception is not very good. I do have several phone lines already underground in conduit from the shop to the house. I have tried to connect wire for wire using ehternet connectors to extend the ethernet connect through the phone wire. I am trying to run it through my linksys router and have also plugged the ethernet directly to the computer, but I don't seem to have something right. Can someone please explain what I am doing wrong?

Thanks in advance.
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  1. Can please help me with this? If this is already been covered on here then I appologize. I am just looking for a straight forward answer.

    Again, thank you in advance for your help.
  2. If you have a direct cable connection to the router from the PC you shoudl have no issues unless the port or cable are bad, or maybe your ethernet port on the computer is bad

    Do you have link lights on the network card when the cable is plugged in? If you do, click on Start, in the Run box type in cmd hit enter. Type in ipconfig in the dos prompt hit Enter, post what you get for an IP address.
  3. Wait, you're trying to run ethernet through existing phone pairs? o.O

    This is fine, so long as nothing else is using the lines. It's just odd to hear someone doing it that way. Creative, I'll give you that. ;)

    (EDIT): Phone pairs are also not twisted like ethernet pairs are. On second thought, this is a bad idea.
  4. This will never work. Ethernet wire is a "twisted pair" wire structure. It has several twists per inch in the wire. This twist prevents interference or "Cross Talk" and also prevents some signal loss. It may work for 3 feet with no other possible interference but not far.

    See if you can run a Cat6 Solid Twisted pair cable through your conduit. you could use one of the existing phone cables as a pull string :D
  5. You can also try a cantenna. Search the forum, there are people who successfully built one.
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