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Can upgrade to win7 from an upgraded XP

Will I be able to buy the upgraded version of win7 if I only own full ME and just upgrade XP. When I reloaded XP fresh, it asks for ME disk before I reload XP, Whats OK by me its just hard to tell from the win7 box if upgraded XP is enough to only buy upgraded win7, I'd like to save a buck and buy other PC parts.

mr help please
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  1. My advise:

    If this is a Windows ME based system, don't even bother with upgrading the software first. I would highly suggest building a new computer first before worrying about Windows 7. Windows 7 requires WAY more than XP does. XP was released when 1GHz CPU's were the normal. Windows 7 was released when 3Ghz dual-cores were common.
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    Should be fine --- once you upgraded from ME to XP the license becomes the same as a retail version of XP so that would qualify for use with an Upgrade version of Win 7 -- so it should work fine and if it does not just contact the activation support line and explain to them and they will give you assistance in getting it working.
  3. I am 95% sure you cannot upgrade from xp to windows 7.. only from vista. Correct me if I am wrong, Thanks and goodluck.
  4. Thanks
    Yes its for a new system build(i5) some of you guys were kind enough to help me select the parts for. I have all the parts except PSU. It should be here in a day or so. Just trying to get the old system converted to IDE hd so I can use the sata with the new sys, hd rather expensive now. I would clean install the win7 and hope it just says verify XP with either XP upgrade or full not just full, thats the real question.
  5. No problem going from XP (Upgrade version) -> win 7. XP qualifies the same as vista

    JD posted the correct method - just follow "method 2" which is the better method. In method 2 where it says to goto "MediaBootInstall", Much simpleter to just enter it in search and do a search for the string.
  6. JDFan
    Seems you are correct this is straight from microsoft win7 upgrade purchase:

    Note: If your computer is running Windows XP, you’re eligible to buy the upgrade version of Windows 7. However, when you upgrade, you’ll need to first back up all of your files to an external drive, and then re-install your applications from the original discs or setup files. For detailed instructions, see Upgrading from Windows XP to Windows 7 (custom installation).

    I'm still assuming just like XP upgrade version I do not need to load xp first just loan win7 than it should ask me for the xp disk put in pull it out in continue with the win 7 installation.

    Thanks again
  7. opps seems our replies crossed.

    Thanks & thanks for saving me some future pain.

    mr help please
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  9. Will not ask for previous version Disk as XP did.
  10. RetiredChief said:
    Will not ask for previous version Disk as XP did.

    +1 -- they removed the prompt to verify the old version so you will not need it -- Only time you might need it is if you follow method 1 and the activation fails and you need to talk to a MS Rep to verify you had a copy of XP to qualify for the upgrade (which your upgrade key for XP is fine as by their License when you upgraded from ME to XP the combination of those 2 licenses became a full license for XP which is upgradeable to Win7 ) so chances are you will not need it but keep it written down just in case.
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