AMD CPU A8-3870K or AMD FX-6100

Which should i get for gaming?
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  1. For gaming, neither. Those are good at productivity and home computing respectively, the Sandy Bridge processors game better due to higher single core performance.
  2. ^ I agree. You'd be better off getting something like this:
  3. but if u want amd then opt for fx .
    But as the above post says intel is way to go.
  4. get the i3 or i5 2400 or 2500k, you wont regret it.
  5. to be fair you wouldn't technically regret the FX either
  6. stanistheman said:
    Which should i get for gaming?

    Need way more info,If you don't plan on buying a better video card then the 6670 and then the A8 but if you plan on getting anything better the I3 hands down.
  7. buying a 2500k can be cheaper or just as cheap as buying an fx 6100, 1s you take the motherboard and memory into account...
    not only that you will get more performance in games and in productivity for the most part...
    you will loose out by a small margin on 2 pass video encoding but your talking half a second or so per 5 mins of movie.
    in photoshop you may spend an extra 4-5 seconds rendering a 300mb image..
    in other words the intel smacks the amd all over the park and when it doesnt it loose out its by a teeny amount unlike the amd, when it looses out it really does loose out and thats on 99.9 percent of evry other applications you care to throw at em.

    seriously m8 you will pay more and get less if you go with a amd cpu on a new build... that aint bias its just a stone cold truth...
  8. I looked up the 2500k's

    The cheapest I could find them was 210, and 50 bucks mobo.
    You can get the AMD 980 x4 chip for 150 and a mobo for 50 bucks.

    Im not sure how Hexit could find the 2500k combo Cheaper. or even at the same price.
  9. coz i wouldnt buy a cheap amd motherboard... as they tend to have more issues not all nforce chipsets allow either amd or nvidia cards. while intel chipsets do...
    my minimum spend for any upgrade would be £300 and for that you can get a 2500k,8 gigs of ram and an over clocking motherboard.
    and if you read my post properly i didnt say anything about phenom 2...

    typical price for a 2500k £135
    typical price for an fx 6100 £120
    not much of a difference and if you get a 2400 or a 2500 there cheaper again and both will still jump all over the 6100 even with a substantial oc...
    i dont do B.S.

    i choose the best that i can afford at the time and the best is currently an intel chip...
    oh and just for reference i had 2 amd builds b4 i got my current intel build so choose your words b4 you start pointing fingers...
  10. Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but all of the $50 mobos are H61/H67, so there's no point in getting the 2500k. The least expensive P67/Z68 boards are like $85. Just save some money and get an i5-2400 and board like this:

    Price comes out to $260 or about £165. You'd be getting a CPU and mobo for a little more than the price of those CPUs...
  11. Im getting 8gb ddr3 1300

    gtx 560ti

    motherboard:Asus P8H61

    i was thinking core i3 2100 what you guys think?
  12. If you want to get an i3, then go with the 2120. It's $5 more, but the clock speed is 3.3GHz vs 3.1GHz on the 2100.
  13. stanistheman said:
    Im getting 8gb ddr3 1300

    gtx 560ti

    motherboard:Asus P8H61

    i was thinking core i3 2100 what you guys think?

    +1 Go with the 2120 also.
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