Phenom II 975 BE, is this temp too high?

I just upgraded to a Phenom II 975 BE with stock cooler and no OC and it's idling around 42c. 48-50c while running a game (tried Skyrim and Minecraft for only a few minutes).

I also ran prime for a very brief period (maybe 3 or 4 minutes)but when it hit 58c rather quickly and seemed like it intended to steadily climb I closed it.

AMDs product page states the max temp at 62c, which made me feel a bit more worried.

I already ordered a aftermarket cooler and some new thermal paste, I figured even if it isn't too hot it never hurts to be a bit cooler. I'm only asking because it won't be here till mid next week and I'm a paranoid worry-wort.

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    yup, they seem to be a little high but nothing to worry about, no need to be paranoid,
  2. Thanks, that puts my mind at ease.
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