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I've got GSKILLS RIPJAW Z 1866 RAM on my new Core i7-3820 on a Sabertooth X79. I'm having a very strange problem with the system where on the first boot of the day I get an error, but subsequent boots and restarts the same day are all normal. The system worked without this error for about a month, then it started. Occassionally I'll get a BSOD shortly after the first boot of the day too. I tried under Win 7 and 8 (the Win 7 startup error is generic, the Windows 8 error was related to the user profile service).
I suspect a RAM issue. I had my RAM running at 1600MHZ (it wouldn't run stably at 1866 - limitation of the memory controller on the CPU I think). Now I've dialled it back to 1333, but I still get the startup problem.

QUESTION - My RAM sepcs are DDR3-1866 CL10-11-10-30 1.5V. If I manually underclock to 1333, do I also have to change the latency timings and/or the voltage to make it stable?
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  1. No, when it's running slower it will, if anything, allow stricter timings. Same timings and voltage should be more than fine.

    However, if it's unstable even at 1333 I suspect the error may have another cause. You can run memtest86+ to check whether the RAM is alright.
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