Where can I find a video card? If that doesn't work, what needs to be done? I've purchased several video cards, but they seem not to be compatable. HELP!! I'm in college and am in dire need for my pc to work. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated! THANKS in advance for your assistance and understanding!!!!
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  1. The GT5062 has one PCI-E X16 slot and a 300 watt power supply. It has a BTX motherboard. The information on the Gateway website does not indicate if it has a pci-e power connector. You will be limited to an NVidia or AMD video card that does not need a PCI-E power connector if your power supply does not have the power connector. You are also limited to a video card that will not overtax your power supply. Your computer should a Pentium 4 3.06 GHz processor. You can go to Newegg and look at the PCI-E video cards that your power supply can handle.
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