Best Gaming CPU for 150$

I have 150$ to spend on a CPU.
For a gaming Rig. I want to get the best performance from 30-40-50 Player multiplayer Battlefield 3 (Forget singleplayer)

Ive heard the i3 2120 recommended for highest performance PER Core. But its dual core limited. I would rather go with Quad core. Ive heard Multiplayer large maps can give the i3 2120's trouble. I know gta4 wouldnt run on most dual core.

So Im trying to decide between the

AMD 980 x4
AMD fx 6100

Its looking like the 980 x4 would be the safest bet.

The A8 3850 is well ahead of these chips on this benchmark page, But I guess thats non Gaming.

I guess the 980x4 is the best bet?

Is there anyone here thats dead sure the i3 2120 can run 40 player Multiplayer Battlefield 3 better than the AMD chips?
Or will you really notice no difference?
I would imagine the AMD 980 x4 would win all around.
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  1. This guy praises the Fx 6100 chip like its the king of the world. which is why Im here asking which might be the best.

    He even says hes using Fraps. Which is amazingly smooth for being Fraps enabled X_x
    (But this isnt heavy multiplayer combat) so once again Im unsure X_x
  2. Are you buying a motherboard? Complete new build? Budget?
  3. what a crock. the guy claims 50-80 fps is b.s. the 6950 can do 40-70 fps regardless of the cpu (as long as its a 2.6 or better quad threaded) as for his gameplay i noticed stutter. yes its minute but its still there... im glad he's happy with his purchase but he could get better for the same money...,3063-8.html dont just take my word for it.
  4. If you can get some more money and buy a i5-2500k (220$) yes its +70$ over your budget but you will save in the long since the 2500k will probably be able to run games in 1080p at max resolution for years (you'll just have to upgrade your GPU).

    If you go with a 150$ CPU you might be ok for 2-3 years you might have to buy another mid range CPU.

    All in all go for a quad core since the industrie is going that way. BF3 on a dual core in multiplayer is a no no since its the only game that I know able to run on 6 core somewhat effiently (even if the i5-2500k can cap it).
  5. I use a AMD Phenom II x4 at 3.6Ghz, with crossfire 5770's and I get extremely smooth gameplay while recording at full HD with FRAPS still.


    This shows that AMD processors are perfectly capable. Ultra settings, while recording 1920 x 1080.
  6. I really rate the 960T as a budget processor though it seems to rarely make it in to any reviews or comparison tables. Mine OC's nicely and I was lucky enough to have one that unlocks to 6 stable cores (though then doesnt OC as well)
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