HDMI to VGA to S-video on xbox 360?

Hello, I know this is a strange question, bu bear with me. I want to run my xbox360 in HD on my samsung p2250 (DVI or VGA inputs) as well as thru my Dazzle (preferably s-video input).

Would I be able to run this set up
HDMI > HDMI: DVI adapter > DVI: DVI /VGA splitter with DVI end > monitor
and VGA end > VGA:s-video adapter > Dazzle > pc

The main question here is would the VGA:s-video adapter work, since they always say "Note: Your VGA card must support TV out directly through VGA port function." ???? Sound wont be an issue as I have that covered. Also, if Im going to lose quality or generate lag to my monitor, it would be nice to know.
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  1. No, it won't work. Actually, the VGA wouldn't even work in this setup. The DVI to DVI/VGA splitters are used generally for dual-monitor setups where you connect two monitors to a single DVI connector on a card that supports dual monitors through one connector. It doesn't mirror the image to both DVI and VGA.
  2. This is not recommended. Even if you use active converters you still might run into issues because you will be doing multiple conversion. I would recommend looking into the possibility of getting a Multi Video Matrix Switch. You can check KVMSwitchTech as they offer a wide range of HDMI Matrix solutions.
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