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CM 690II Advanced vs HAF 912 Adv.


I am getting a new case but can't decide which one to go for. I've narrowed it down to these 2 cases:

CM 690 II Advanced:
HAF 912 Advanced:

I live in a very hot place so cooling is the most important factor for me. I was also considering HAF 922 also but no black paint inside is a big turn off. :P

Other components:
I5-2500k (at stock speed for now but will be OCing soon)
Asus Maximus-IV Gene-Z
Corsair Vengeance 2x4gb
Sapphire HD 6850 (adding another one soon)
2xWD Caviar Green 1TB
1 Samsung DVDRW
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    I don't like the fan size supported by the CM 690 II advanced. I'm also in the market for a new case and the 922 seems to fit the most criteria. It comes with two stock 200mm fans (front and top) and a third 140mm fan on the rear I believe. Yeah the inside without paint doesn't look glamourous, but it can fit high end video cards. It also has a bowed out panel behind the cpu for power cable routing. The case is a tooless design also. The CM 690 doesn't support larger fans in the front or rear (I think).
  2. Cons posted on newegg about the 690-II that are worth checking out.

    Cons: External USB, SATA, and sound ports are not grounded. Mine builds up static and my system resets always at the wrong time. It acts as if the reset button has been pressed. I disconnected the reset from the mother board just in case, no better. I swapped everything out from power supply to motherboard to memory and video card, same problem.

    Cons: Unfortunately I have received a case that has the same problems with the front usb ports shutting down the computer any time you try to plug something into it. At first I thought I could live without them and just use the back ports. So I taped off the front ones to avoid using them by accident. Now, as another customer has mentioned previously, any time I have any sort of static built up and touch the case ANYWHERE it shuts down the computer and causes a problem with my motherboard where I have to go back into the bios and re-activate some of my cores because the static charge makes it think it was a failed overclock and automatically shuts off some cores (scary) and I DON'T OVERCLOCK ANYTHING. This case has terrible grounding issues. Extreme disappointment with it now. From what I have read there is NO way to resolve this problem. Will RMA and purchase another brand case unless Cooler Master can provide a fix or a resolution before I RMA it.
  3. +1 to blakexeal

    Look those reviews tell u everything ! I had a thread 2 or 3 days ago with the same question and i choosed HAF 912. It has everything i need and ill mod it ):

    Btw search at youtube videos of haf 912 especially the one called blue myst . Such an awesome case !
  4. Thanks for the quick replies. I'll be ordering HAF 912 advanced in 2-3days.
  5. HAF series is best from coolermaster.go with 912.
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