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I have recently bought a 6950 in hopes of unlocking it to 6970 levels by BIOS flashing, only to find out after that there is no dual bios switch. Of course something went wrong, and now I can't boot into Windows. Fortunately, I can boot into Ubuntu. Does anyone know how to flash video card BIOS in Ubuntu 11.04? I would prefer a utility or tool, but I would be fine with detailed instructions for terminal.
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  1. I somehow fixed it, whether it be by luck of the draw or skill (probably luck), I can get in windows 7 and The video card works, although it still sees itself as having 6950 settings. I tried to boot the old BIOS by partitioning an empty drive and putting ATIflash and the old BIOS on then tried to boot that, but I am pretty sure I got an error message. Then I tried booting Windows for shits and giggles. It started, although the drivers were not read correctly for some reason, so I immediately loaded up the original BIOS in RBE and only did the shader unlock then flashed those BIOS on to the card. It works, sadly it did not unlock the shaders.
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