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I am planning to buy a new sound card. Befor that I just want to know whether it is necessary to disable onboard sound or not, if yes, the please advise how to disable it.

Thanks in advance.
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  1. look in your bios for an option to disable onboard sound
  2. yes have a look in the bios

    might help if knew the make and model number of your motherboard
  3. yes. in some bios's theres a dissable/enable azalia onboard codec i think its by realtek. you can also go into the device manager/hardware and disable any on-board thats there... on some boards its need to be off to ensure compatability on others you dont need to disable it.
    also unless you use hdmi and have an ati card you can disable the ati hd audio also in device manager.
    just google your realtek version with the words "compatibility issues" if it shows up in multiple replies then best disable it.

    currently i have enabled on my system.
    realtek, x-fi creative, ati hd, and logitech drivers all active... they all work without issue as far as i can tell. i have had this board for 2 years and the logitech g930's just over a year (specs in sig)
  4. Hi All,

    Thanks for ur reply. I m having Lenove desktop but not aware of bios or motherboard version. As mentioned by HEXiT I tried Device manager their under "Sound, video and game controllers" I found following options,

    Audio Codecs
    Legacy Audio Drivers
    Legacy Video Capture Devices
    Media Control Devices
    SoundMax Integrated Digital HD Audio
    Video Codecs

    Now tell Me whether I have to disable all those where audio word is their or not i.e. Audio Codecs, Legacy Audio Drivers and SoundMax Integrated Digital HD Audio
  5. disable SoundMax Integrated Digital HD Audio
  6. Hi mcnumpty23,

    tx 4 ur reply. is it ok if I remove this thru "Add/Remove" program.
  7. I've never once had to disable onboard audio when installing a soundcard. Only a single brand seems to require it because, heaven forbid, their drivers can't handle it...
  8. surtitanuj said:
    Hi mcnumpty23,

    tx 4 ur reply. is it ok if I remove this thru "Add/Remove" program.

    you could do--but windows may find new hardware and reinstall it

    so just disabling it in device manager should be enough
  9. tx for ur reply. I will disable it from device manager. Actually I m planning to buy Auzentech Forte Sound Card.
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