Need help with desktop troubleshoot PLEASE!

Hey guys,

I built a new system and I'm having some issues.

Asus p8p67 deluxe
6870 (2x - crossfire)
850W powersupply (CORSAIR Professional Series Gold AX850)

So the only thing left from my old system is one of the 6870 cards. When I got the system all together, it ran perfect, no problems. got all the newest drivers, and bios installed, life was good. I did randomly have 3 lock ups within a week or 2, and it seemed related to the videocards. Well after a couple of weeks I got another lock up, but when I rebooted this time, one of my videocards was dead, which was the new one I bought for the system. So thinking nothing of it, I RMAed it. Well I got a new one yesterday, and I plugged it in. Again, everything working perfect... then a few hours later, I get another lock up, and when I rebooted and relaunched the game, I was getting crazy green lines going across the monitor in game, but everything else is fine at desktop. I did check temps, and both cards are running 50-70, which is good. So, two dead videocards in a row? It can happen. I decided to do some testing:

-I took out the old card and left in the new one just to see how it would run alone. WOW, my entire system was lagging out, including the audio. Clearly the new card is F'ed up AGAIN right?
-I took out the new card and put back in my old one.... and the crazy lagging of the entire system continued with the old card by itself when it was working perfect all along. Well clearly something else is going on at this point. Just to make sure it wasnt' driver related from taking the cards in and out, I uninstalled and reinstalled the graphic drivers, no change. I ran RAM and CPU testers, no errors, while the entire system is lagging like a mother. (remember through this process I've rebooted like 3 times, with no change in the lagging)
-At this point I'm almost at a complete loss of what the hell is going on, and decide to switch the power cables going to the videocard. After doing that and booting back up, everything was fine, like nothing was wrong before.... k, so must be the power cable that is bad I think. Just to make sure I shut down and plug that same power cable I just unplugged before to the videocard. Booted back up, and expecting the crazy lag like before. Nope, everything is fine...

So yea, I'm at a complete loss right now and extremely pissed off. Just want to get my system up and running with crossfire. Was switching the power to videocard coincidence that it worked? Is it the motherboard that is dieing? Is it the power supply? When I was waiting for the new card to RMA back to me, I didn't have any problems until I started the crossfire again when I got it back. Did the motherboard or powersupply kill the original new card I had ordered? Why isn't it killing the single card while I was waiting for RMA? I have no idea whats going on at this point. Any ideas?!?!?!
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  1. Ok, so I've learned some new details, which might help explain the problem:

    -When going to add/remove and trying to uninstall the ATI profiles, I blue screen every single time I attempt to uninstall them. the BSOD labels the atikmpag.sys file.
    -When rebooting everytime the lag is randomly worse/better or isn't there at all.
    -Many times when rebooting it won't boot at all. has 2 different problems which occur at this stage
    ---1) the screen doesn't post at all, and I just hear the fans running
    ---2) I get to the ASUS splash screen, but the mouse nor keyword turn on, and it won't go past the splash screen
    -During one of these boot problems, I remembered there is an LED error screen on the board. So I took a look, and it read '94'. Upon looking it up in the manual, 94 stands for "PCI Bus Enumeration".

    If my board is having PCI issues, that would explain every single issue I've been having. But the first problem I had, that new card was really dead... so did it just happened to randomly die and the motherboard didn't hurt it at all? Or did the motherboard kill it, ontop of having the PCI issues still?

    So any thoughts guys? Ideas?
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