Hard drive driver recognition fail

I have an Athlon X2 4450 e with an asus Motherboard and BIOS.Suddenly the system switched off {was running Windows 7 home basic 32bit} and after that my computer dosen't boot.I have tried to recover system using the recovery disk but it does not work and for a fresh install of windows 7 it says it cannot find any hard drive where to install.I have tried the original CD of the asus motherboard but windows cannot find drivers of my hard drive from it.Except windows 7 I have also tried Installing Windows XP and Ubbuntu Precise Pangolin through CD but they are not recognized by the BIOS as recognizable Boot discs.Please help me out guyz I dont know what to do......
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  1. hard drives should normally be detected by the motherboard(through bios) automatically. if the bios cannot detect it, its either:

    A) Hard drive died out
    B) a loose connection
  2. One strange thing is that if i force it (through windows 7 system recovery] to show me what are the files in the computer it shoews me a system folder under the my computer option which has 32.5 mb of space and 31 mb free.I was using a 320 gb samsung hard drive
  3. It's probably showing you the system folder on the DVD.
  4. System folder?But it appears as a drive of 32.5 mb which has all the system folders of the windows 32bit system but no file within them
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