Asus P8H67-M compatible with Corsair XMS3?


I've just finished building my new system and the memory led is on which means there is something wrong with the memory.

Does anyone know whether the following memory is compatible with this motherboard Asus P8H67-M?

Corsair XMS3 PC-1333 8GB RAM (CL9) DDR3

It is not listed in the list in the motherboard's website but it does not differ from those that are listed there.

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  1. Yes it is compatible with 1.5volt ram
  2. But it does not work and I am wondering whether I have faulty memory or a faulty motherboard.

    I removed the memory and the motherboard beeps which means that it is working as I have read on other forums.
  3. Beep means the board is working, what makes you believe it is the ram that does not work?
  4. Hi rolli thanks for your replies. Well as you said if the MB is beeping it means that its working.

    I installed the above mentioned ram and the dram led on the motherboard is on which as I've read in the manual it means that memory is not compatible.

    I am now wondering whether I should buy another ram..
  5. Ram properly inserted in the right slots?
    Have you tried with one stick at the time?
  6. I tried the following:

    1) Installing the two memory modules on the blue colour slots available
    2) Installing the two memory modules on the black colour slots available
    3) Installing one memory module on the blue slot
    4) Installing one memory module on the black slot

    Unfortunately the result in all cases is the same
  7. Could be that the ram is bad but since you have tried all of this possibly the board unless you have hit the 0.00..1% change that you have none compatible ram. It is unlikely that both sticks are bad.
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