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I have been given a Dell Optiplex GX620 from work.

For business reasons they have removed the hard drive.

I have tried to use a mini OS on a CD to start the computer without success - I believe that there are Dell specific files that the system needs before I can get to the bios, which would have been on the original HD that has been removed.

Getting and fitting a replacement SATA HD is okay for me.

Can anyone advise me about the Dell specific startup files I need, that is what to look for and where I could find them, to be able to view the bios and be able to make a start?

Thanks in advance.

-Mike Kavanagh
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  1. Hi ,

    Thanks for your suggestions - great site.

    I did what you suggested - i used tiny core linux just to see if it worked.

    the behavior was the same as when i used the other iso system i have (mini os).

    the problem i think is that without the original HDD the pc does not have the right driver to read the CD.

    I'm looking for guidance on where to get these drivers - i think you need to load them onto a floppy drive initially. all very primitive.

    thanks for your help.

  2. Hi,

    Thanks for getting back to me - i downloaded a piece of burning sw and used the default settings (I didn't do a simple copy).

    I put the cd in the CD drive and started the pc.

    when i switched it on ...

    the pc peeps (in total it beeps 6 times)

    the cd drive light flashes for a couple of minutes.

    then it stops beeping and flashing.

    at no time does the keyboard lights flash so there it never sees the keyboard in order to use the F keys access the bios.

    similarly the screen never lights up.

    all looks quite sad at the moment.

  3. Hi,

    There is no hard drive at the moment.

  4. When I press the "F2" repeatedly during startup nothing happens.

    Just to let you know the keyboard is connected via usb - and there are no signs the PC 'sees' it as no keyboard lights are coming on during this startup.
  5. Hi,

    I do (with a purple din type connection) but there is no where on the PC box to connect it - only usb ports which surprises me.

    unless i can use one of the other ports?

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