Asrock H61M-DGS ram processor and graphic card

Hi i just bought Asrock h61-DGS and this are my ram, processor and graphic card.




Graphic Card:

The ram was not listed in the memory support list:
which is F3-12800CL10S-8GBXL. Will it still work fine? :??:

My graphic card was PCI-E 3.0 and it says in my mobo *PCIe Gen3 is supported on 3rd Generation of Intel Core i5 and Core i7 CPUs. Yet i'm using Intel® Core™ i3-3220 Processor (3M Cache, 3.30 GHz) , So what does this mean? will it affect my graphic card since my processor was i3?

I need opinions whether this 4 parts are compatible with each other? help me :na:
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    Yes all compatible and should run fine.
  2. rolli59 said:
    Yes all compatible and should run fine.

    i updated my 1st post, i'm having a doubt with this aspects I've seen. Enlighten me :(
  3. Your CPU is third generation I3 which lacks PCIe 3.0 but in any case the GPU being PCIe 3.0 is fully backwards compatible with the older standards. It will run fine without any performance loss.
  4. And how about my ram issue?
    The ram was not listed in the memory support list:
    which is F3-12800CL10S-8GBXL and runs at ddr-3 1600 1.5volts.
    Will it still work perfectly fine?
  5. Yes since they can not test all of the multitude of ram that is on the market and yours has the correct specs for your board 99.99...% will work.
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  7. Thank you so much.
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