Which Case Should I Buy?

Hi all, this is my first post.

I need some advice. I am doing a new PC build this Christmas, and I was wondering which case to get. I am torn between the Cooler Master 690 II Lite, the Antec Dark Fleet DF-10, and the Fractal Design Arc Midi. They are all roughly the same price in the UK ATM. I need advice on which has the best cooling, the best sound isolation, feature and so on. Reviews would be fine too. I will be using a beQuiet! Dark Rock Advanced cooler on the CPU, so I need to check it will fit in these cases-please advise.

Many thanks, P4raMagnet1c
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  1. No-one has any ideas?
  2. Thermaltake MSI Commander, CM Haf 912, Antec 300 illusion
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    Any case with at least two 120mm intake fans or equivalent will offer adequate cooling for a gaming pc.

    How quiet your case is, will depend on the fans used in the case, graphics card, psu, and cooler, and how fast they spin.

    My approach is to use slow turning quiet fans, and let the part to get hot under load.

    As to which case, get the one that appeals to you. Ignore your budget and get your dream case. You will be looking at it and touching it every day. A great case will last you through several generations of builds.
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