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CPU Upgrade

Hey, new to the threads, been reading for a while though. I currently have a Phenom x3 720 BE at 2.8 and I am wondering if I should upgrade or not. I have a few things in mind about this. Directx 12 is not out yet and my current motherboard is an MSI880gm so it will not support directx 12 anyway. I would like to keep this board until about 2015 or so (my thoughts on when new consoles will come out).

If I upgrade I am not sure I need to go as high as the 1100 or not. It isnt real expensive, but my concern is that if I go with 970 AMD it will not be enough. I am not sure that many games take advantage of the 6 cores anyway.

I also want to see about upgrading my card as well. Here's two thoughts I have in mind:

AMD1100 for about 189.00
GeForce 560GTX 220.00 +

I hanvt owned an nvida card in a while

My current specs

AMD Phenom II x3 720 BE
ATI Radeon 4890
8 gigs ram
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  1. 970 is enough for your upgrade. Buy the 560Ti is better then 560 non Ti.
    MSI N560GTX-TI Twin Frozr II/OC GeForce GTX 560 Ti 230$ and 200$ after rebates.
  2. Just looking for the next 2-3 years. 3 More than likely. You do not think the 970 will hold for 3 years?
  3. why do you think that your current mobo will not support DX12, DX12 is (primarily) a graphics standard.
  4. I was under the impression Directx12 had to be out first. So your suggesting that all it may take is a bios flash?
  5. Also wondering if 6 cores really matters when it comes to gaming. I rarely have too many apps open so not sure if the 1100 AMD will benefit me.
  6. CPU and GPU:

    CPU: Find benchmarks that compare CPU's for gaming. Ignore anything else except price.

    GPU: Get one of the HD7xxx series. Newer cards are coming really soon. The $150 model is supposed to be slightly faster than an HD6870 so it's a really great value.

    It's always difficult deciding how much to spend on the CPU and how much on the Graphics. I have an i7-860 CPU and HD5870 graphics. My CPU will allow me to run the new HD7950 fairly well so I will be upgrading to it or even possibly the GTX670 or GTX680.

    - buy AMD CPU based on gaming benchmarks versus price
    - buy either HD7xxx or GTX6xx graphics card with performance of HD6870 or higher
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    Saint 92 said:
    I was under the impression Directx12 had to be out first. So your suggesting that all it may take is a bios flash?

    It won't even take a bios flash, DX12 is only related to the GPU, now if you have onboard gpu that won't ever become dx12, but then you don't use the onboard do you? and DX12, its not even in windows 8, win 8 is 11.1 I think.
  8. Cool, thanks. Think I am going to go with 970 for now. Even if it doesnt make it past two years, its 130.00 bucks. Small price to pay for a year or two. 3.5 x4 cores seems pretty good to me.
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