Most "future proof" motherboard?

Well I'm planning on getting a new computer incrementally and am therefore interested in the expert opinion as to what would be the most "future proof"
motherboard. I'm unconcerned about any other characteristics save for price/performance; and prefer to avoid semantic discord regarding my use of the term "future proof". Thanks to anyone who can help.
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  1. More like have you decided what CPU you will be using? More important than the board!
  2. I haven't decided yet. I wan't to get all the parts over time. That's why I want to know which mobo is the most future proof. So I can get the mobo first. Then upgrade the cpu, gpu etc over time.
  3. Mobo/CPU go together, they change CPU sockets all the time!
  4. =/
  5. there is no futureproof motherboard, simply the technological obsolecence occurs every 2-3 years (in comuters); so if you buy something "top of the line" today, in 2 or 3 years it will be obsolete. But, in the real life if you buy something like the last asus and the last core i7 you will have a computer for 5-6 years. So:

    if you are not in a budget, you can go for:

    - last asus extreme ( )
    - last core i7 ( )
    - video nvidia geforce 680 ( )

    in the next 3 years the only thing that you will have to upgrade is the video card.
  6. Only thing that's close to future proof is the GPU... Really no such thing, I have a 939 socket that plays games very well with the right card....
  7. What you are looking for is to purchase a motherboard feature set that YOU will be happy with for the next 'few' years - e.g. number and type of critical I.O. / expandability (memory,cpu,gfx card, sata, usb3, pci-e lanes) that's important to you.

    For you main pc use, only YOU can decide. There's a lot to choose from out there. The motherboard is the most important component in any PC since it's the base that dictates all possible permitation of subsequent builds. Choose wisely.
  8. The only way to future proof your system it to wait until tomorrow to buy it.
  9. ...and that's a helluva long wait ;) don't!........but do make your mind up now!
  10. Sorry, got carried away and missed this - and prefer to avoid semantic discord regarding my use of the term "future proof". One way to go about it would be to buy the 1155 socket motherboard, then you can choose from different generations of cpu's. But even that's getting old as soon enough Intel is bringing out the new Haswell cpu's and they are going to have a socket 1150. If you just want something that will perform through different software updates and usages then I would suggest something along the line of the socket 2011 cpu and boards. If you get the 3930K or 3960X cpu's I don't see anything that's going to overrun their capabilities too soon. Not to say the newer versions aren't a little faster in some cases but more to say that I can't think of anything that these can't handle. Along with the extra X16 pcie lane capability and quad channel memory and 6 cores with hyperthreading enabled giving you an additional 6 theoretical cores for a total 12, it's kind of hard to overburden these machines. I can render and recode 2 HD movies at once and not even use 50% of the resources, One time I even ran 3 at a time but ran into issues when the automatic burn to disk comes into play and I only had 2 BD burners available. But the usage was only a little over 60%, so even then I had room to spare. It's also one of the reasons I have one. You might get benchmarking saying this runs faster for this program and this one gives a higher score when doing this certain things but overall??? My opinion says they're one of the best and their performance will keep up with the software and most hardware for a loooong time to come!

    Again, sorry for the d*@$head knee-jerk response
  11. Future proof maybe you mean that will last 10 years, Have you read about "Moore"s Law" If this law was fully implemented in computer technology, we should be upgrading our PC every 3 months.
  12. Well, if money ain't a problem, the lga 2011 motherboards(X79) are the best "future proof" with support for six core cpus(even the haswell lineup doesn't come with 6 core cpus), it also supports 64 GB ram(waste), etc.
    Then again, it's all a waste for now(for gaming), six-core cpus and 64GB ram.
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